“To say that social relations ‘project themselves into a space, becoming inscribed there’ is to say that in any situation, social life forms its spatial milieu in characteristic ways that are productive for it.

The spatial project is this formative movement into space, this dialectic between social relations and space itself.” (Madden, 2013)

iDwell is a conference organized by the Department of Architecture Universitas Indonesia started from 2015. iDwell 2020 aim to explore how the notion of dwelling as the spatial projection of its inhabitants and various stakeholders in the built environment.

The main topic is “Hyperlocal Practice vs Global Thinking” on dwelling space. This topic seeks papers that explore the socio-spatial initiatives, actions and practices of community to appropriate, reclaim, pluralised, transgress, uncover, and contest urban space in order to thrive in the changing scheme of the city.

Cities in Asia is the home of almost 60 percent of the global urban population. Its cities are faced with the challenge of providing livelihood to its inhabitants. In order to catch up with the fast changing development, city is no longer an area designed with a modern and formal urban design, but a combination of space that has been formed through practice and the space usage by the government, academics, NGO, and the people themselves.